The Dry January is not the sea to drink… is it?

Le Dry January, c’est pas la mer à boire… si ?

The month of January has become in a few years that of sobriety, of abstinence. 31 days without a drop of alcohol, here's a challenge to start the year! Go more than a few days to hold, the game is worth the candle.

Psst… So? Are you too? Are you doing it for the first time? How's it going ? Total control? Are you feeling the benefits? Barely out of limbo on New Year's Eve, around 10% of French people are taking on a major challenge. In January now, there are those who tackle the Paris-Dakar and the others, perhaps even more adventurous, who try their hand at Dry January (franchised in the January Challenge). The meeting, born in England in 2013, has been interfering with us for three years.

A path strewn with pitfalls

A month without a drop of alcohol isn't much to drink... And there's no need to learn how to rummage through a carburetor or change a wheel in the sand to succeed. However, the challenge should not be minimized. The pitfalls to avoid are not benign. Between the neighbor who doesn't conceive of wishes without sharing a little pineau, the traditional galette and its shot of cider and so many other little social habits... sometimes you have to hold on tight so as not to swell the ranks of the loose.

Maintain motivation

To give yourself an even better chance of success, the free Try Dry app is a great help, even during the month. Another powerful motivation lever. Where are you then? Do you feel the little urge to jump on the spot? The new clairvoyant confidence that irrigates you?

Stories of waves of pleasure

This period does not exclude the pleasures of having a drink in a friendly atmosphere, a cocktail based on Atlantis, for example. The opportunity to discover a whole universe of unknown flavors, to explore new territories, to let yourself be carried away by a wonderful story of the open sea told by your taste buds in turmoil, singing the praises of waves of pleasure coming to wet the doors of a royal palace… yours.

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