What is Optimæ?

Optima is a brand of alcohol-free spirits blended from botanical distillates. Atlantis is the first drink in the Optimæ range.

Why did you choose Atlantis as your name?

Atlantis refers to Plato and his tale of the sunken city. It's a call to travel, to the freshness of an imaginary waterfront walk.

Is Optimæ a Gin?

Optimæ is not a Gin. They share the same still distillation method. Optimæ is a premium spirit distilled without alcohol and without juniper. It is the creation of an original recipe.

How is Optimæ made?

Optimæ is a botanical blend distilled in a still in the Cognac Spirit Valley.

Is Optimæ really sugar free?

Optimæ is sugar free, calorie free and alcohol free.

Is Optimæ compatible with special diets?

Optimæ can be combined with vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and diabetic diets.

Is it possible to enjoy Optimæ products during pregnancy?

The entire range of Optimæ drinks is guaranteed alcohol-free, so there are no specific contraindications. However, we recommend that you consult a health professional before consumption and if in doubt about the ingredients.

Is Optimæ compatible with any medical treatment?

We are not able to guarantee that the consumption of Optimæ drinks is compatible with any medical treatment. We recommend that you seek advice from your health care professional if you are unsure.